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Sam is the Director of Mindful-Sports. He’s coached children ages 3-18, run youth sports programs, and managed summer camps in New York City for fifteen years. Sam grew up in Manhattan, playing baseball for Stuyvesant High School. He played college baseball for Swarthmore, and professionally in Europe and Australia. Sam holds an MA in Psychology and is completing his Ph.D., researching how mindfulness practice affects stress perception in preadolescent children playing competitive sports.


I'm coaching a 10U baseball tournament in Maryland. My team [...]

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Summer Sports Camp

At sports camps, game play is always a critical time [...]

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In a recent Yankees game against the Padres, the broadcast [...]

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Spotlight Losses

When I played and coached in Europe for four years [...]

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How To Talk About Winning

Spring sports season is here! As we get ready to [...]

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Recovering From Failure

As an athlete, there may be no other critical moment [...]

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Being Nervous

Nervousness - what does it feel like to you? It's [...]

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Definitions Of Success

Often, we define success based on outcomes. Success tends to [...]

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First Day

We've all been the new player on a team. Arriving [...]

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Daily Practice

It's so important for mindfulness educators to create a daily [...]

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