Mindful Sports League

Spring: Baseball

Fall: Soccer

Winter: Flag-Football

Sports & Mindfulness

The Mindful Sports League helps children learn how to complete the right way. This unique weekday sports league combines skills training, games, and mindfulness. Children participate in practices and games each day. The Mindful Sports League is a great supplement to traditional weekend leagues. Or, free up your weekends for family time!

The Mindful Sports League is for children ages 5-12. Offered sports are baseball in the spring, soccer in the fall, and flag-football in the winter.

Program Details: Spring ’24

  • Start Date: March 25th
  • End Date: June 14th
  • Weekdays: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays!
  • Sessions: 11
  • Sport: Baseball in the Spring Season, Soccer in the Fall Season, and Flag-Football in the Winter Season
  • Spring Uniform: Baseball jersey included!

School Pick Up List: PS321, CBE, Berkeley Carroll, Poly Prep, PS10, PS118, PS39, PS282, PS107, PS130, PS154, PS372, Epic Academy, & MORE!

After-School Afternoons / School Pick Up
Registration Open!
After-School Classes / Drop Off
Registration Open!


All Mindful Sports coaches are fully vaccinated. Mindful Sports has a mandatory COVID vaccination policy and mandatory booster policy for all of our team members. For details, please contact us.

All children ages 5+ who use our indoor facilities must be fully vaccinated.


Drop Off Option

1 weekday/week (10 sessions)
1.5-hour session:
$995/weekday $895/weekday (Early Bird Prices through February 9th)

Pick Up From School

1 weekday/week: $1395/weekday $1295/weekday (Early Bird Prices through February 9th)
2 weekdays/week:
$1295/weekday $1195/weekday (Early Bird Prices through February 9th)
3 weekdays/week:
$1195/weekday $1095/weekday (Early Bird Prices through February 9th)
4 weekdays/week:
$1095/weekday $995/weekday (Early Bird Prices through February 9th)

Additional Details

Questions about the Mindful Sports League? For more information on registration or our winter program, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at contact@mindful-sports.com.

Thank you again for creating such a wonderful program! I can’t express enough what a game-changer it is for (my child) and so many other kids!

PS321 parent and teacher


All after-school programs take place in Brooklyn. Locations vary depending on the classes.

If you don’t see a class offered with your child’s school, you can contact us to start a program or join an existing one. Please email us at contact@mindful-sports.com.

We’re so excited for the Mindful Sports Flag-Football League! We’d love for your child[ren] to join us this spring.

Weekdays: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and/or Thursdays (choose 1-4 weekdays)
Time: 3:30pm-5:30pm.
Sessions Include: Practice and Game (and Uniform!)

The Mindful Sports Flag-Football League is in lieu of your child’s regular after-school multi-sports class.

And there are no additional fees if you are registered for the Winter Season After-School Program! Simply let us know if your child is interested. Children can (as always) change their minds.

The Winter Season runs from January 3rd/9th-March 24th.