Fall Season

As the calendar turns to August, we can't help but [...]

Fall Season2021-08-02T13:28:21-04:00


This summer, children are doing their best to manage transitions. [...]


Summer Camp!

A year ago, I wrote a post about our return [...]

Summer Camp!2021-05-05T20:58:43-04:00

Mindfulness at Home

This season, we began encouraging children as young as six-years-old [...]

Mindfulness at Home2021-05-05T20:59:36-04:00


Spring sports are around the corner. If spring brings hope [...]



I began reflecting this last week on the “one-year anniversary” [...]


Dissertation Excerpt

The following is a brief excerpt and summary from my [...]

Dissertation Excerpt2021-03-18T22:26:49-04:00

Winter Gratitude

When a group of Mindful Sports children was recently asked, [...]

Winter Gratitude2020-12-14T23:20:20-05:00

Outdoor Programs

Mindful Sports started our summer program a few weeks ago, [...]

Outdoor Programs2020-12-14T23:21:49-05:00

Return To Play

In New York City and large parts of the northeast, [...]

Return To Play2020-07-02T17:52:56-04:00
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