Mindful Sports is thrilled to announce the launch of our new after-school format! We’ve found a lot of success with our fun creative and imaginative physical education games over the last few years. Playing non-traditional sports has allowed many of the kids in our program to tap into the joys of physical play. Collaborating and co-creating physical education games lets children feel a sense of ownership and safety. This can help tremendously for kids who, even at young ages, come to us with negative experiences with sports in other programs. We also have lots of kids that love traditional team sports – baseball, soccer, flag-football, etc… Beginning this Spring Season, we’ve decided to offer kids more opportunities to shape their Mindful Sports experience.

For 2nd Graders and up, kids will now get to choose between two different class structures. Children can choose a traditional sports class, which is a multi-sports rotation each spring. OR, kids can choose the creative games option, and try something completely different. Kids can choose a different format each week, with no obligation. On Tuesdays-Thursday, children will have a THIRD choice – the brand new Mindful Sports League. We’ll be sharing more information about that in a coming post! Happy Spring!  Our Kindergarten and 1st grade groups will have a mix of traditional sports and creative physical education games in their curriculum.