As the calendar turns to August, we can’t help but direct our thoughts to the upcoming school year. This would normally bring stressful situations for families to start planning for. This year, we seem to be heading towards another season of calculating COVID related decisions, doing everything we can to ensure that our children and communities are as safe as possible.

At Mindful Sports, we’ve implemented a mandatory vaccination policy for all our team members. All Mindful Sports coaches are fully vaccinated. We will continue to create an adaptable and targeted approach to heath and safety procedures, utilizing the science and data to come up with the best policies for our neighborhoods. We’re always open to hearing from families to be sure that everyone feels comfortable and aligned with how we can go forward together.

After getting through last year, we know that we can do this – however things need to be done. The exhaustion and stress is real and we all wish this was not the conversation we were having. But by relying on each other, communicating openly, and making smart and thoughtful decisions, we can all continue to work hard and provide safe, fun, and educational spaces for children.