There are many theories on behavior and safety models and systems for children. At Mindful Sports, we implement a positive reinforcement behavior system that rewards and encourages children to follow our safety rules. We emphasize the values of collaboration, sharing, listening, feeling heard, and fairness. At Mindful Sports, we feel that children can help us best understand their needs with the guidance of caring adults and a behavior system that allows kids to grow and develop.

We want to foster an environment of inclusion while ensuring that all the children here are safe, learning, growing, and having fun. If a child cannot follow our safety rules, we want to provide a supportive process for families that includes alternative suggestions and options. We always want to work with parents to do everything we can to help the children in our program be successful. We also understand at Mindful Sports that this program may not be for everyone. And that’s okay! If this is not the right time for a child to be at Mindful Sports, we are here to provide helpful resources and create pathways for future success.