It’s so important for mindfulness educators to create a daily practice. I began my own mindfulness practice in the spring of 2017 as part of an online course provided by Mindful Schools. Mindful Schools is a non-profit organization that provides online mindfulness courses to educators. The program is designed to help teachers bringing mindfulness education to classroom settings. Mindful Schools offers two six-week courses, the first of which is an introduction to personal mindfulness practice. One of the tenets of the organization is the belief that successful mindfulness teachers must embody the practice. The introductory course is a prerequisite to the teacher-training program, directing participants to create their own personal practice before embarking on working with mindfulness practices for children. While I had experience in similar meditative modalities and practiced here and there, I developed my own personal daily practice through the Mindful Schools course.

For those interested in a great structure for starting a daily practice, check out