Summer is in full swing at Mindful Sports Camp! At camp, kids get to play and learn all day. We start the day with a morning meeting, reviewing our mindfulness theme of the day and talking about all the fun that’s ahead. After a warm up, children begin playing different sports and games each day. We play baseball, kickball, soccer, flag-football, volleyball, racquet games, and a ton of creative physical education games. At Mindful Sports, we meet kids where they are, and offer them plenty of opportunity to collaborate with their coaches on the curriculum throughout the day. For our older kids, we’re always happy to set up some mini-tournaments to help engage their emerging competitive spirit. However, we teach competitiveness very differently here! Through the lens of mindfulness, we encourage kids to notice and accept their feelings as a way of learning self-regulation. This balanced approach provide valuable lessons and a foundation of skills to use for years to come, both on and off the field.