PS9 After-School Program

by Mindful Sports

Winter Trimester: January 2nd – March 22nd

Sports & Mindfulness…
and More!

Mindful Sports programs can include baseball, kickball, soccer, flag-football, and more! Engaging creative play, athletics, and mindfulness training helps children have fun, stay safe, and learn the foundation of valuable social and emotional skills.

This PS9 After-School Program is for children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. The winter program runs from January 2nd – March 22nd.

Program Details

PS9 After-School Winter Trimester by Mindful Sports

  • Start: January 2nd
  • End: March 22nd
  • Days: Monday – Friday (sign up for 1-5 weekdays/week)
  • Sessions: 9 (Monday) 11 (Tuesday-Friday)
  • Black Out Dates: All DOE Holidays
  • Time: 2:45pm-5:30pm/6:00pm
  • Grades: K-5
  • Location: Off-Site w/pick up @ PS9

Winter Trimester Registration

January 2nd – March 22nd / Mon-Fri / 2:45pm-5:30pm/6:00pm

Registration Open!


All Mindful Sports coaches and staff are fully vaccinated and boosted. 

All programs follow the DOE guidelines for health and safety.


1 Weekday/Week: $46.75/day
2-4 Weekdays/Week: $41.25/day
5 Weekdays/Week: $32.50/day

Please Note:
• Monday has 9 sessions; Tuesday through Friday have 11 sessions

Questions about the Winter Trimester or Mindful Sports in general? For more information on registration or our Winter Program, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at

[My son’s] experience with Mindful Sports has been amazing!  Working with the Mindful Sports Team, [my son] has grown as an athlete and a teammate and has improved his ability to get through frustration on the field.  Mindful Sports meets each kid at their own level and guides them to be better.  It teaches how to strive to improve and win while also building a positive, supportive and inclusive team environment with positive skills for problem solving and self-regulation. 

Mindful Sports Parent

[My son] really loves Mindful Sports and we’re so happy that he found something sports related that makes him feel happy and strong (on the inside and out).

Mindful Sports Parent

Fall FAQs

2:30pm – 3:00pm: Arrival and Snack (not provided)
3:00pm-3:15pm: Welcome Meeting and Warm Up
3:15pm-3:45pm: Sport 1
3:45pm-4:15pm: Sport 2
4:15pm-4:45pm: Creative Physical Education Activity 1
4:45pm-5:15pm: Creative Physical Education Activity 2
5:15pm-5:30pm: Clean Up, Closing Meeting, Dismisal

All kids are taught age-appropriate mindfulness skills through sports. Kids learn:

• An understanding of what mindfulness is

• Mindful seeing, listening, and breathing. Children in 2nd Grade and up also learn about mindful body awareness, emotions, gratitude, and leadership!

• How to use mindfulness skills with sports

• How to use mindfulness skills off the field

• Importance of teamwork, respect for others, resilience, kindness, and mindful leadership

Kids should wear athletic clothes and bring an extra snack and a water bottle. Kids are welcome to bring their own athletic equipment, but all equipment is also provided.

We’ll have an awesome indoor day inside PS9. We’ll have mindful art, games, and drama activities, as well as age-appropriate indoor athletic activities.

Sports and games will vary and rotate day by day.

Pick up is at 5:30pm.