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Project Description

Optimal Performance Training

For Young Athletes

Mindful Sports™ Optimal Performance Training teaches preadolescent and adolescent athletes how to manage stress and activation levels. Participants develop self-regulatory strategies, build confidence, and learn how to optimize their performance. And they have fun doing it!

Participants play interactive games and use biofeedback-assisted self regulation to help learn breath-training, mindfulness, somatic exercises, and sports specific guided imagery. Sessions include:

• Introduction to biofeedback training

• Discovering individual optimal zones of performance and learning how to raise and lower personal activation levels

• Development of unique and effective pre-performance routines to create mental blueprints before competition

• Practicing coping strategies using fun and engaging computer games to learn how to manage failure and return to optimal zones during performance

• Learning to transition new self-regulatory skills to game performances

• Development of critical recovery strategies for post-competition

Sessions are available for teams, small groups, and individual athletes

For Coaches

Private programs are available for coaches and organizations. Sessions are a collaborative process designed to teach mindful leadership, team building strategies, and create strategies for improving young athletes’ overall mental and emotional development. Programs include:

• Foundations of mindfulness training and development of personal practice

• Guide for teaching mindfulness, self-regulation, and optimal performance in specific sports

• Creation of mindful leadership approaches to the season, team building, and player development strategies

• In season follow up and program adjustments

  • What are you interested in? Tell us about your child or team/group.

Sam has coached my 10-year-old son Jack since he was 3 years old. I’ve been very impressed with the youth program that Sam has helped build, and have been happy to have Jack participate in the program’s after-school classes and baseball leagues and teams.

Parent of youth baseball player

What young athletes say about Mindfulness Training: 

“It calmed me down when I was annoyed/stressed”

“It helped me focus more”

“I inhale and exhale while making a play”

“I use it to calm down when I start getting mad, sad, etc…”

“It helps me be confident”

Children ages 8-12 who participated in Sports Mindfulness Training in 2018 with Coach Sam