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Mindful Games

Mindful Games: A Great Way for Children to Learn Mindfulness

** PLEASE NOTE: Mindful Games programs are currently suspended until it is safer to resume extracurricular indoor activities**

Change the way children learn mindfulness! Children have fun and learn age-appropriate mindfulness alongside the rules and strategies of their favorite games.

Game options are popular building block games for younger children and various cooperative and strategy card games for older children. All after-school sessions include:

  • Learning mindful listening, breathing, and body awareness skills
  • Rules, instruction, and game strategies of games
  • How to use mindfulness skills to increase focus and improve performance
  • Understanding the importance of cooperation, strategy, completion (putting games away!), and kindness
  • Learning how to respect others, not give up, and be kind when playing games

Programs are weekly sessions during a trimester, semester, or full school year.

For more information on Mindful Games programs, email us at

My kids (5.5 and 8 years old) are signed up for Mindful Sports this semester and I have been so impressed with Sam and his team of coaches!!! I’ve observed the primary and elementary clubs and the adults are involved, excited, using age appropriate language, and implementing a strong after school program.

On the weekends my kids have used some of the breathing techniques they learned in class. They explained to me some of the things their breath can help them do; calm down, not give up, take a refocusing break. While playing board games at home I’ve overheard them using problem solving and teamwork strategies that I haven’t taught them.

I can’t rave about this program enough!!!
Sam is the real deal!!!

Mindful Sports After-School Parent


Children play a variety of age-appropriate cooperative board games and card strategy games. At the start of classes, children are asked to share some favorite games that may not be included in the curriculum to be added.

Mindfulness skills are taught alongside game play. Mindful breathing, listening, and body awareness are demonstrated with teaching the best way to play games. Cooperation, strategy, and kindness are emphasized.

Mindful Games is currently offered at local schools in Brooklyn. If you want to bring Mindful Games to your school, or start a private group, please email us at