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Project Description

After School Programs for Kids

Fall 2019

Mindful-Sports After School Programs are for children ages 3-12. Offered sports are baseball, basketball, soccer, and flag-football. Children learn age-appropriate sports themed mindfulness alongside the rules and skills of the game. Programs are in Brooklyn. All children will have fun and learn:

  • Mindful listening, breathing, and body awareness

  • Rules, skills, and strategies of the game

  • How to use mindfulness with sports

  • Importance of teamwork, respect for others, not giving up, and kindness

Sam has coached my 10-year-old son Jack since he was 3 years old. I’ve been very impressed with the youth program that Sam has helped build, and have been happy to have Jack participate in the program’s after-school classes and baseball leagues and teams.

Parent of youth baseball player


Sessions are 45 minute for children ages 3-4 and 60 minutes for children 5 and up.

All after-school programs take place in Brooklyn. Locations vary depending on the classes.

If you don’t see a class offered with your child’s school, you can contact us to start a program or join an existing one. Please email Sam at